Nythe, Eldene, Liden Parish Council Article Written by Kevin Parry

No Rise in Parish Council Precept

This time of year, is when Parish Councils do their budget and set the precept.  In order to negotiate the best price with contractor, I did the Parish budget late last year which has already been agreed.  Therefore, I am pleased to say that this year, our precept will be £49.15, meaning a 0% increase.  This is a big difference to our neighbouring Parish Council Swindon Central South; a saving of over £65 per household compared to a resident living in Park South.

New Signs for The Drive, Nythe

At the last Parish Council Meeting, Parish Councillors agreed to my proposal of new good quality signs at both entrances to Nythe.  This was agreed to be looked at under the old Nythe Parish Council.  The signs being fitted will need to be approved by Highways and the Clerk is in the process of contacting them.

Community Event

I proposed the Parish Council set up a working group to look to organise a Parish summer event in 2019.  This was agreed by all; please do let us know if you would be interested in having a stall, if there is a band that would like to play music etc.

Flower Boxes

Under the old Parish Council, we agreed £300 pounds for flower boxes.  Cllr David Bell has donated his Parish Councillors allowance for more flower boxes.  Thank you to all of you who have already applied.  Please do let us know if you would like a flower box at the entrance to your road or street.  Those who would like a flower box must maintain them.  The flower boxes make such a big difference to the area and as we go forward we would like to see more and more of them in the Parish.

Neighbourhood Watch

The Parish Councillors agreed to support Neighbourhood Watch and to spend £300 on signs to support residents.  Whilst some have already been allocated, there are still some available.

Zach Hawson is the Co-ordinator for Eldene, David Bell for Liden and Tina Mayo for Nythe.  Whilst not in the Parish, the Co-ordinator for Coleview is Dave Growcott.  Please do get in touch if you would like to become a street rep.

Bollards for Liden Centre

The Parish has some maritime bollards and has agreed to use them for the Liden Centre refurbishment project.  There are around 30 bollards and they are good quality, with an estimated value of around £250 each.

Clerk’s New Contact Details

Sue Frawley

Tel: 07725 803507

E-mail address: clerk@nytheeldeneliden.com