December’s Handy Mag Article

10 Years of Writing in the Handy Mag

It is hard to believe that it is my 10th year Anniversary of writing in the Handy Mag and I’m still going strong.

The Strategic Housing & Employment Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) Covingham & Dorcan Ward

Every Council must follow a legal process every five years to identify every potential site for new homes. Stage one is someone sitting at a desk with a map and the long list is reduced at each stage to reach the viable sites. There are four more stages and the first theoretical list has been published on the SBC website. If a SHELAA is not carried out it opens the door to inappropriate development.

We as your ward Councillors will not scaremonger residents and give out misleading information like which has been distributed by others. It’s not our way, we are a very effective local team.

We have opposed to the 3 Covingham sites of 32 homes in total. We support Nythe Campus development only if the Community Centre is rebuilt and includes facilities for STEP, Youth Services and the Pre-school. Liden would only be supported if a complete regeneration of the whole site was possible.

Liden Centre Refurbishment

Barbara and I have been pushing this forward and have met with the Chief Executive of Swindon Borough Council. I’m pleased to say that the work is planned to go to tender in December 2018 and all being well, work to be completed by the end of March 2019. We will keep the pressure on the Officers until this work is complete.

Coate Water Roundabout

Coate Water Roundabout is not in my Ward but after the recent resurfacing work was carried out, Barbara, Dale and I inspected the roundabout and the lane markings were clearly wrong. We acted immediately and managed to get the lane markings corrected within three days. The roundabout is now clearly marked but some people are still using it incorrectly. I have asked and it has been agreed, that a full safety check will be carried out. I have also asked that the roundabout is checked to make sure that the changes speed up the flow of traffic. Once I receive that report I will be able to asses it fully and make any necessary recommendations I think may be needed.

Library Trust & Community Café

I am pleased to say that the Community Café is now open and doing well. I have stepped down as a Trustee now that things are set up and running smoothly to concentrate on the Borough Council, Parish Council and my role as Deputy Mayor, followed by Mayor of Swindon.

Neighbourhood Watch Signs

I am pleased to say that we received the new signs and lap overs (to cover over the old ones). Please do let us know if you would like to be a Street Rep and we can supply your street sign and help you get set up.


This year has been an amazing year for me as your Ward Councillor.

We have got more roads and pavements resurfaced. I have run several Community Action Days/Green Days, making improvements across the Ward. Covingham will be my next Community Action Day.

I was re-elected in May and once again want to thank everyone who voted for me. Later that month, I was elected as Deputy Mayor of Swindon. Being your Borough Councillor and the Deputy Mayor of Swindon is a true honour and a privilege. I never forget my election pledges and will always put my residents first.

Happy Christmas & New Year

I would personally like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year. I hope you all enjoy the break and look forward to working hard for you all in 2019 and beyond. Please take time to look in on elderly/vulnerable neighbours as Christmas can be a lonely time for some.