Liden Gets New Defibrillator Thanks To Cllr Kevin Parry

The lifesaving kit can be used to help restart the heart in people who have suffered cardiac arrest.
Kevin Parry, chairman of Nythe, Eldene and Liden Parish Council, said the £995 Philips defibrillator had been bought from funds raised at a Liden community day five years ago, as well as the stipend he receives as parish council chairman.
He said: “If this kit saves one person’s life it’s worth every single penny spent on it. I was very keen to see it in here.”
The defibrillator will be stored in the Tesco Express shop in Liden centre. Coun Parry, a trained first aider, said: “We looked at the best area to store it. With Tesco being open every day, we thought that would be the best place.”
It is hoped a sign in the store window will make it clear a defibrillator is behind the counter.
Coun Parry said it was the first publicly available defibrillator in the parish. The kit has a five year lifespan before its batteries will need to be replaced.
According to the AED Heartsafe’s map of defibrillators, there are currently only six of the life saving machines installed in public locations around Swindon.