Cllr Kevin Parry Confirms Community Action Day For Liden Lagoon

Liden Community Action Day has now been confirmed.  This will involve trimming branches and bushes for those who are green-fingered or litter picking for those who aren’t but would like to help.

Cllr Kevin Parry, “As chid I grew up around Liden Lagoon and have fond childhood memories of the lagoon.  Since the fishing club has walked away they no longer maintain around the lake.  Therefore, I have decided to do my first Community Action Day at Liden Lagoon so we can keep the paths clear to allow everyone will be able to enjoy the lake this summer.  This was one of my Election pledges”.

If you wish to take part in the Community Action Day, please meet on Saturday 7th July 2018 at 10.00 am at the car park at the bottom of Eastmere, Liden.  Please bring a saw or snips you may have, litter pickers and bags will be provided.