Archive for Month: February 2015

  • Nythe Orchard

    Richard, Dale and I were delighted to attend the Nythe Orchard tree planting yesterday.  The event was supported by around one hundred local residents and over a thousand trees have been planted.  The Orchard will have two thousand tress in total.

  • Nythe Primary School Parking Problem

    I am pleased to say that Swindon Borough Council’s Travel advisor is now working with the school and myself to try and set up a walking bus.  A walking bus is set up to help parking problems, parents drop their children off at a location near to the school (e.g. shop car park) where they…

  • More Money for Flooding

    My fellow ward Councillors Dale Heenan, Richard Hurley and I, have been campaigning to reduce the risk of flooding over the East side of Swindon. In 2013, Swindon Borough Council was awarded a grant by DEFRA to set up Flood Action groups in local communities and this year’s Council Tax budget agreed £300,000 for drainage…